Making Art Everyday in 2015 : Ending Notes

Geez! I am so extremely humbled about making art each and every day in 2015.  so humbled. It's been one of the hardest challenges ever and the most rewarding. It sounds pretty simple to just make art everyday but tough on the days when life is so full there is no time.

My main goal at the start of this project was to keep art in my life after having my second baby.  The second part was seeing where my art would take me.  I never really kept a sketch book before this project.  I tried.. lots of time, but never really went for it and completed a sketchbook from begining to end.

This year I learned so much about the craft of making art and painting.  I have been painting for a long time but this is the first time that I have painted consistently everyday and for a entire year! I still really love to oil paint and this little project made me want to paint even more. It made me realize I have so much to explore with my art, like I am just at the tip of the iceberg.

Making art is such a personal and heart felt journey.  I wanted o share it every single day online because it held me accountable and I want to become braver.  Sharing, even the work I think is lousy is pretty liberating. In order to get to my best work, I have to go through the crumby stuff.  Sometimes you have to make something ugly in order to find the art that really pushes you and find the best surprises.

More on the tale of this year, I realized and am still learning of letting go of perfection. Since I tend to be an over thinker and getting really wrapped up in my work, this project has been great to take a step back and let go.  I can really only do so much on some days, like 20 minutes! So I don't need to make things be perfect but I just need to capture that thought or idea.

I showed up everyday. I showed up and was present. I was present some days more than others but I was able to create something everyday.  I am crazy excited for next year and plan on doing it again in 2016  but this time I have a few surprises along the way. (Trust me awesome surprises)

I learned a ton, grew a ton and can't wait to see what happens next.

PS. Stay tuned for another post on Making Art 2016.

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