Making Art Everyday in 2016

Yay! It is happening!

I'm going to be honest. I really went back and forth, if I could make art everyday again for another year. Showing up every single day and carving out time to dedicate to art, is hard. But it is one of the most rewarding experiences and gifts you can give to yourself everyday. This is the one time of day that you can take the time and truly create whatever you want to create. 

I am so excited to embark on the second year of making art every day.  It's the time to make the impossible possible. The best part about this project is seeing what could happen.

Now a few ground rules for this project and here they are!

1. Make art everyday, no matter how big or small. Any medium counts. Even if I draw a stick person or just snap a blurry photo, the point is just to make art.
2.  I am not allowed to give up. This is very important.
3.  I am not allowed to throw away any artwork or rip out any pages in my sketch book. I am allowed to start over.  I have been known if I get fed up with a painting or mad at my work. I am not allowed to start painting over canvases or ripping out pages in my sketchbook.

I'll be using the #makeart2016 on instagram and twitter if you want to follow along or join in!

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