Nora's First Day of Pre-K

Nora recently had her first day of pre-kindergarden! I still can't believe how fast time is going by. Nora is my first child and sending her off to school reminds me of my first days of school, picking out the new backpack, getting the perfect outfit and in Nora's case, picking out her favorite hair bow.  

One thing that I really want Nora to get out of school and even in life, is a love for learning.  Learning from me and from others is extremely important and it makes my heart so happy how much she loves school. She wasn't nervous at all for her first day. As soon as we walked into the classroom, she gave me the all-too-familiar look that says, "Mom, what are you still doing here?" She is completely fearless when it comes to trying new things and has no hesitation in conquering the playground.

I wish I could admit that I loved school when I was little, but I had a pretty hard time as a tween and teenager. School was the last place that I wanted to be. I was that typical teenager, sneaking out to clubs at all hours, dying my hair every shade of pink, crashing one or two cars, and getting into more trouble than I would want to admit especially as now that I am a mother. But in my defense, I was craving life's experiences and everything outside of structure and my typical day to day.  I didn't really fit-in at my school and got bullied and left out a lot. I didn't figure out who I was and what I wanted out of life until much much later after school. I had to rebel and drive myself and my parents insane in order to find who I was.

School scares me, because I know there are so many unsure things. Is she going to find her life long friends? Is she going to discover what she is truly passionate about. Is she going to be inspired and become the best person she can possibly be? Is she going to love to learn? Is she going to flourish? School is going to change her and help her grow in more ways than I can give her.

I'm excited because she is excited. I'm going to hold as her as much as she wants me to or when I know she really needs it. 

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