Bee Paper

I am quickly approaching the completion of my second full year of making art every single day. I can't really believe it! This year has gone by so much faster than the first year. The one question that I get asked the most is what type of sketchbook do you use? Well, turns out I use a Bee Paper Super Deluxe.

I am an oil painter through and through, but traditionally oil painters paint on wood panels or on canvas. I still paint on wood panels, but panels and canvas take up a lot of space, especially if you want to practice or just explore an idea. When I started my project, "Making Art Everyday," I needed something that wouldn't take up a ton of space and that could travel easily as well as be a place that I could paint whatever I wanted.

Before I started my project, I was going through large waves of avoiding the studio, avoiding art and just being terribly uninspired. It may have had something to do with becoming a mother, the hormones involved with that whole process, and transitioning to more of a role that took me away from art. So, why would I throw myself into a year long project with such a huge commitment to face my largest creative challenges head-on?

I discovered Bee Paper sketchbooks several years ago before the beginning of my project and before becoming a mother. Their great products were recommend by my local art supply store. They told me that this sketchbook was of the best quality and that they could handle any medium without the pages wrinkling. I inspected the sketchbook and the pages were thick, like a water paper but the tooth wasn't super grainy, which I liked. When a paper has too much tooth, then you can see the little ridges through the paint. I also liked the fact that the paper can really hold the paint. Oil painting is a painting in layers and this paper can really hold the paint without it wrinkling and all I have to do is leave the sketchbook open and it typically it dries overnight. If I am painting with thick layers it might take a little longer but in my experience it usually only takes a day or less.  It truly has the best paper.

I didn't really get into the sketchbook habit until I decided to embark on my project, "Making Art Every Day." A sketchbook gave me the flexibility to paint virtually anywhere and on the go. Since I have started this project, I have over a dozen sketchbooks filled with practice and all of my ideas. I love that, and I can see how far I have come and how much I have left to go.

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