Making Art Everyday in 2017.

It's happening!

This is my third year of making art every day and to be honest, I am way more excited than I have ever been. I feel like I have so many more ideas and have so much more to give and grow, that I simply can't wait! I can feel the creative energy in my fingertips and can't wait to start the new year. 

I originally started this project because I gave birth to my second baby and I was battling rounds of creative dry spells. With my first pregnancy, I hated making art. I hated it! I was making art in my kitchen because I couldn't even look or think about being in my studio. When my daughter was born, I cleaned out my studio and started making some art again. But, when I was pregnant with my son, I felt the creativity come back but I felt like making art was slipping away because of the demands of being a mother. Being a mother is a huge, demanding, powerful, and amazing job, but I needed a space and time for myself that I could just be myself.  

It's truly a project that digs deep and it grounds me every day. There are three simple rules and I haven't changed them since the beginning. 

So here are the rules.

1. Make art every day, no matter how big or small. Any medium counts. Even if I draw a stick person or just snap a blurry photo, the point is just to make art.
2.  I am not allowed to give up. This is very important.
3.  I am not allowed to throw away any artwork or rip out any pages in my sketch book. I am allowed to start over. I am not allowed to start painting over canvases or ripping out pages in my sketchbook.

Good Luck and Cheers to 2017- let it be filled with luck (definition: preparation meeting opportunity) abundance, and laughter.  Remember to always, "Stay hungry, Stay foolish." - Steve Jobs.

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