Halloween 2016

Do you see that wild, maniacal look in Everett's eyes? Well, he was just about two in this picture and he could not sit still at all or and not follow any sort of direction. He is pretty much a wild animal and full of mischief. Everett is an ice cream cone and Nora is Bell from Beauty and the Beast.

This is the first year that I didn't make the kids costumes. As soon as Nora saw the Halloween costumes at Costco, she immediately wanted to be a Disney princess.  She is the most girly girl, with always wanting to wear a princess dress with accessories.

These photos make me smile for sure. I'm not sure if it's the Halloween costumes or the sheer joy of capturing a moment in time. Halloween was always one of my favorite memories as a kid because I got to choose my own costume, and for a night I could be whatever I wanted and get a ton of candy.

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