Zine: A Collection of Portraiture and Botanicals

This year has been my third year of creating an original piece of art every single day and sharing it! Wahoo! I originally started Making Art Everyday because I gave birth to my second child Everett and wanted to find a way to keep creating art on a daily basis. Being a mother is one of the most toughest jobs on the planet. It is way more challenging and harder than I ever thought possible because of the amount love and time that each tiny human really needs. I knew that deep down that I needed this special piece of time dedicated to art, that is meant just for me. I needed it every single day, in order for me to be the best mommy, wife and Erika possible.

On January 1, 2015, I embarked on Making Art Everyday with a 6 week old baby and my two year old daughter Nora. Just typing this post, it sounds crazy that I just dove right in and didn't even look back. At the time, I was just thinking about surviving because of the lack of sleep and then chasing around a two year old. Nora, who lives life with everything and at full force. I realized in these moments especially when I was alone while nursing a baby at 3 in the morning and listening to everyone in the house snore that this was something important. I needed to listen to my gut and I thought, "What was the worst thing that could happen?" The worst thing would be that I would give up and I fail. It couldn't hurt to try and I knew I just needed to take the leap.

So here I am, three years in, and I don't know if I could I ever stop. Now Everett has just turned 3 and Nora is 5 and I am able to have more than 10 - 20 minutes a day, but sometimes it's fun to make things in the most limited amounts of time. I have learned that creating something every day keeps me honest on my journey and keeps me inspired on a daily basis. I'm always looking and searching and finding every day moments, objects and places that spark my creativity.

This is my second installment of creating a Zine. My last zine, 18 mornings, sold out within one hour of posting it online. My new zine is a limited edition called A Collection of Portraiture and Botanicals. Once they are gone, they are gone. I picked two of my favorite subjects portraits and plants and showed what I have been working on this year. I have grown so much over the past three years especially through this work.

So if you would like to purchase a copy just shoot me an email at erikaleesears@gmail.com

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