The 10th Annual Big 500.

Wow! The 10th annual Big 500 opens this weekend! This is my all time favorite Portland art show. I have participated in this magical event every single year. The show has over 500 artists that are part of the show, which means there are lots of different types of artistic disciplines. Each artist is given 8 inch by 8 inch wood panels and they can choose whatever they wish to create. Every piece of art is the exact same price ($40!) and the show is hung saloon style. The show is also cash and carry, which means that it is first come first serve. You take the art you want off the wall and you can bring it home that night.

The biggest tip for attending this show is to get there early because there will be a lot of people.  There are people that wait in line for several hours before the show opens. There are a lot of collectors and artists that look forward to this show every year, and I am one of them! This is just one of those special events where its so beautiful seeing all the different types of work together.

December 09, 2017 at 2:00 pm 
Pioneer Place - 2nd Floor.
700 SW 5th Avenue 
Portland, Oregon

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