A Dedicated Space

Where do you make your art? In a special place or perhaps a desk or even on your kitchen table? In starting a year long project, you especially deserve your own creative space.  A place you can scribble, think, browse Facebook (totally serious) and just be in your own world. A place you can make everything you imagine real.

I remember when I first moved in with my boyfriend now husband and I didn't have a dedicated art space or even think about needing one. I had a bin filled with art supplies, that I wanted to use but just didn't want to go through the hassle of dragging out my supplies and then putting them away. Sounds silly but the thought of just taking it out and picking it up, made me not want to make anything at all.   I started painting out on my kitchen table and totally wrecked it and drove Tim crazy with the amount of mess, and then one day I got my own whole desk. (and I still have it) Having that little bit of space was just what I needed and didn't realize that I needed.

Since becoming a mother, I know my personal space has shrunk and is continuing to shrink. Especially as my  kids become more active, my personal bubble is pretty non existent. Everett and Nora love to be in my space especially when I want to cook dinner, take a shower, or .  They are both a lot of energy and love to be involved in everything but my creative but this one small area is my space and no toys allowed. I do sometimes still paint out at my kitchen table when I need to, but my paints and brushes will always have a home

So I hope you are taking your creative space this year and call it your own. Its one of the best gifts you give to yourself.

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