Tips on Holding on to an Idea.

Coming up with a new idea or a new twist on an idea every single day can be quite challenging at times because eventually in the year you will run into some sort of creative block or simply run out of ideas. It has happened to us all, because creativity runs in waves with lots of peaks and valleys. I have learned how to navigate my creative flow over the years with a few tricks and tips. In the coming weeks, I hope to share more of how I unblock myself.  But, today I want to share how to really hold on to those ideas and save those ideas for a rainy day, especially when you need one.

Find a place to keep your ideas, even the silly, crazy and stupid ones. Even the wildest or most boring ideas can turn into something out of this world. The best feeling is when I have an idea that won't go away or it just needs to live. I have heard this advice time and time again, to keep a notebook on you or in your purse and when an idea hits then just write it down. Sounds so simple right? This technique never really worked for me since I have a mom purse filled with stuff that isn't even mine. The notebook would be always caked with leftover cheerios, an apple sauce package that burst, or I would end up giving it to my kid because she saw I had a notebook in my purse and would need to color in it and tear it up immediately. 

I needed to figure out somehow to keep my ideas safe or at least out of my child's fingers. The place to keep an idea or, at least for me, is either on my computer or on my phone. When I see something that sparks my interest, I can just snap a picture. It's easy. I just set up a file on my computer and I can just download it whenever. Another spot is making a Pinterest board. Since there are secret boards, you can pile in the inspiration. With Pinterest, you can upload your own photos or just starting pinning tipping points of inspiration. Google Drive also offers a place to save ideas and photos.If you are more into the written form, it's a great place to keep it.

When you do have an idea, save it immediately. Don't even pretend like you will remember it because it's that good of an idea. Take a picture of it with your phone. Then, when I have time, I can save it to my computer. Usually, if I am out and about or being lazy, I can just save it directly to Pinterest or my Google Drive. I never know when ideas will happen and usually they come in bursts and I want to hold on to them as tightly as possible. Then, when I am going through a dry spell, there is a place I can always look.  

This is something that I do in bursts, but I am always watching and looking for little sparks. 

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