Birds.. I am obsessed..

I am currently obsessed with birds.. especially little plump ones. I don't know what it is about birds.. owls.. or anything that flys- I can just paint them over an over an over..

I finally found my way out to this adorable art store called Muse Art and Design . They have everything from Williamburg's handmade oils to Speedball screenprinting and blockprinting supplies. This shop is pretty adorable and a total mom and pop shop located on Hawthorne. They are also having an artist trading card contest which you can apply as many times as you want and could potentially win an Ipod Nano. I like painting on small surfaces but trading cards totally intimidating!


elan said...

That little fatty looks tasty!

tangled sky studio said...

hi..that is one sweet little bird in a perfect summer suit!

angie said...

oh my that is a cute little bird! *a