Rupert the Pet Owl and Summer

This is Rupert the pet owl.

Well it's that time of year again- summer is almost over. With summer coming to a close- it's my personal favorite time of year BACK TO SCHOOL SEASON. Even though I haven't been in school years I still have some strange fascination with school supplies. I love strolling down the aisles looking at the pens, pencils, and the best back to school supply of all crayons. When I was growing up I would get so excited for those crayons especially if I could have the biggest box.

Portland gets about 2 months of really good weather and it makes you almost forget about the 10 months of really crappy weather. It is absolutely beautiful outside and I don't know almost how to enjoy it. When it's really nice outside all I want to do is sit in the sunshine and think how nice it is and how warm I am.

Time to go sit out in the sun ;)

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kelcan said...

I love owls. he is adorable!!