Happy Birthday!

Well today is my birthday and I feel a little bit older and wiser. It seems like every birthday I reflect on my life and what I have done with the urge to eat a large amount of cake... preferably chocolate.

Today we drove back from Bend, Oregon in which the trip was extremely relaxing. One thing I did learn while I was Bend was that I could not find one art supply store- but I did get a lot of painting done outside while sitting next to the Deschutes River.


Sara Moriarty said...

What made you start painting? Was it something that immediately clicked with you or was it a learned process? ~Sara

Erika Lee @ A Tiny Rocket said...

When I really started to paint other than finger paint or draw. I started buying canvas board in highschool and buying acrylic paint randomly because Fred Meyer puts the painting supplies next to the school supplies. So i just knew I needed paint and paint supplies.