Portland Art Open- Comes to Close and the Future

Well the Portland Art Open is all over and it was great to meet some new people. Cynthia Mooney was gracious enough to host me over the weekend and she is a local mixed media artist. She has a small studio called the Nest which is a little house in her back yard. She also teaches classes on bookmaking journaling which are pretty amazing.

I stopped by the studio of Sarah Kamsler and Nicole Linde at the boxlift studio. These are two extremely talented artists that are completely evolving what Portland Art is today. I would highly recommend anyone going and checking out their websites.

Nicole Linde is on the top right and she is a mixed media artist whom mixes digital art with her drawings. She is a creative soul and has work is imaginitative and tought out. Her process between her drawings and digital are pretty amazing.

Sarah Kamsler is on the bottom right and the pictures do not do her paintings justice. Her paintings have a lot of depth and movement. There is something very organic about her paintings since nature is one her points of inspiration. I think I might have to buy one to go above my fireplace..

What's next? Launch Pad Gallery this Friday Night! Come see over 100 artists. It's free and last show the beer was $2. You can't really beat that.

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