Launch Pad's Sixth Open-call Salon-style, Themed Group show
on view October 3-31, 2008

Opening Party
First Friday
October 3rd

Paintings, Drawings, Photographs, Prints!
Sculpture, Video, Interactive Performance!
Music! Art! Food! Drink! Conversation!
Free! All-ages! Open to Everyone!

Featuring Dreamy beats by DJ Doo Doo and DJ Roane
a special multimedia set by Nico Luminous at 9:30pm
Dusty Santamaria in the loading dock at 10:30pm

Lots of new names in this show, and let me tell you, the work is really great! As you might imagine, the response to this theme has been incredibly diverse. With plenty of sexy, scary, sad, mysterious and down right strange work in the show, there is sure to be something intriguing for everyone, so get psyched and come on down to share your dreams!

AND FYI... The Dreams show is a FUND RAISER for Launch Pad

As we approach our third anniversary this December, the financial realities of keeping Launch Pad open are making it difficult to keep going. You can help us continue to bringing you great art and a free, all ages community space by buying work at this show, as the participating artists are giving Launch Pad 40% of the sale price, rather than the usual 25%. You are also welcome to make a donation at the bar (checks can be made out to Launch Pad Gallery) or find a volunteer to use your VISA/MC. Every little bit helps!

1a. Save the Date: HIGH TEA with Molly Jochem

October 12, 4:30-6pm

Come dress dreamy and sip tea out of Molly's Grandmother's china tea set! An intimate opportunity to see the show without the crowd, meet other artists and art-lovers and discuss the delightful synergy of art and life. Free! Snacks encouraged! (More info on the website later in the month)

Including work by the following Artists:

Lisa Albinger, Serena Appel, Roberta Aylward, Delphine Bedient, Carol Berryhill, Marlene Bouchard, Carly Bodnar, Gretchen Brooks, Maureen Bullis, Janette Cavecche, Natasia Chan, Sarah Ciampa, Dante Cohen, Dayna Collins, Colleen Michelle Cormack, Mathew Courtway, Kindra Crick, Elena Cronin, Arsalan Darbandi, Kate Davidson, Lola Daydream, Juan-Carlos Delgado, Shawn Demarest, Erika Diehl, Travis Dodson, Sherry Dooley, Virginia Driscoll, Jaik Faulk, Jenn Feeney, Susan Freedman, Johnny Froehlich, Dan Gay, Jennifer Gleach, Marianna Gordon, Nicholas Grainger, Sara Greer, Mark Gunderson, Carrie Hardison, Terence Healy, Patricia Heimerl, Yuka Hirota, Steven Homoly, David Inkpen, Chris Ireland, Sam Jespersen, Lucia Johnson, Marilyn Joyce, Aunia Kahn, Jason Kappus, Elsbeth Knott, Jennifer M. Lee, Betsy LeVine, Nicole Linde, BT Livermore, K. C. Madsen, Anna Magruder, Sarah & Dirk Marshall, Jeff Marszal, Allison McClay, Sara McCormick, Meghan Mitchell, Kevin Murphy, Dulcinea Myers-Newcomb, S.I.D. (jona) Napier, Jennifer No, April O'Connor, Jascha Owens, Chowchessna, Nickole Pepera, Ben Pink, MaryAnn Puls, Michelle Ramin, Brian Raszka, Paul Roberts, Destree Rudolph, Erik Salvail, Vanya Schroeder, Erika Lee Sears, Marlena Simone, Katie Simpson, Doug Smith, Moe Snyder, Stacey Stagner, Mrrranda L. Tarrow, Jenevive Tatiana, TheresAnn, Zach Tobias, Consu Tolosa, Arthur Tucker, Robin Urton, Martha Wallulis, Leslie Waygren, Brent Wear, Jason Wells, Craig Wheat, Tabitha Williams, Linda Womack, Jana Woodson, Cathie Joy Young


tangled sky studio said...

Hi Erika,
I don't really know how to draw hands either (the magic of collage...your site has so much info I need to take a day or two to check it out but I can say I love the energy! Beth

Anonymous said...

Hey there. Thanks for leaving a comment over on my blog. Your work is so sweet and inviting. I visited Portland a few years back and loved it. What a great place to be an artist!