Sunday, November 30, 2008

Christmas is in the air..

Christmas is in the air. Thanksgiving gone! Black Friday is Gone! The month of November gone!

Working hard on Christmas gifts which they are all little mini paintings of still life. So thankfully my mother doesn't know how to use the computer very well and won't be able to check my blog with out assistance. I am trying to paint them fast because I am such a slow painter. So quick quick quick.. like a cheetah.

I am also continuing working on my series of landscape paintings of places around Oregon- which are coming a long slowly but surely because I am such a slow painter- I think it's because I like to get the balance of details. least that's what I tell myself ;)

This week I have to go hang at US Bank on NW 23rd for first Thursday in the pearl. So I am totally excited about it and of course a little nervous. There are also a ton of art shows this week that I need to decide what to go to like first Thursday in the pearl and first Friday over in SE. Have a good week everyone!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Birds and the bees and the flowers and trees.

So this week I have missed the sun and the warm. It's been gloom and doom weather but with the gloom and doom brings Christmas. With Christmas brings me thinking about my Christmas list and they need to be easy enough things for my husband to go to the store and by all by himself. :)

I had my weekly artist group and we went to Everyday Wine on Alberta. This shop was pretty damned adorable. Usually the only thing that I know about wine is if it takes good or if it tastes bad. Beth the owner gives a little education with the pouring of the wine and I actually felt like I learned and retained the information. So the place was pretty fantastic and there was also a pretty smart wine store dog.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

las vegas and beyond

Well I just got back from Las Vegas and I recently realized how amazing penny slots are. If you are up a dollar- it is the best thing ever! I even got lucky and played the penny slot for Dukes of Hazard and struck it rich with 60 bucks. In Vegas 60 dollars does not go far when a subway foot long meal costs 14 dollars. I don't think they have the 5 dollar foot long. Haha.

I was able to squeeze in going to the Bellagio Fine Art Museum, even though it was small- it was well curated and loved the way it was thought out. Georgia O'keefe was the headliner and seeing up close her work was touching and her buttery strokes amazing. In this mini gallery I was lost but in a completely good way.

Christmas is coming and I have started working on Christmas gifts! I am trying to start them early because I want to make sure I am ahead of schedule (so let's all cross our fingers). Also I am going to have to get my paintings in order for December showing at U.S. Bank on 23rd. :)

Deshutes River is finished- now it sits and waits for varnish.. If you squint your eyes you won't even notice my messy studio. haha.