Hello World!

So here is my little painting currently at the Love show at the Olympic Mills. I went over there today to look at all the paintings because it was so hard to look at the opening because there were so many people. My friend Lisa baked me some delicious cupcakes which was my inspiration because who doesn't love cupcakes? I think everyone loves cupcakes. After I finished all of the sketching- I totally ate them all in one sitting. MMMMM!

I have been painting like a crazy person this week for the SE art walk fast approaching and a few little things for my etsy shop. Hopefully everything will dry soon so that I can put up some pictures.


Sara Moriarty said...

That photo looks pretty good actually. For being at a distance. Looks like your photography skills are getting better.

ANYONE IN THE PORTLAND AREA: Go see Erika's piece in person. It looks scrumptious and beautiful. Definitely worth seeing in real life.

Loves to you E

Anonymous said...

Hello Erika,
I really loved your sweet painting. Your rendering of the glass and frosting was absolutely scrumptous! YUM!

Kristin said...

your cupcakes are making me hungry... good job erika!

Anonymous said...

Yummy and pretty! I like that you have "smart pugs" and I don't think there are dumb ones really. I am auntie to a pug named Stella. :)

Michelle Brunner said...

Love the cupcakes! Yum!