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Signs of Spring

I think I can see little signs of springs sprouting up around. Today was the first sunny day in a very long time. I have been busy painting away in my studio working away at my landscape series.

Also I am going to be doing An Artist a Day fundraiser which is raising money for school supplies for teachers. I am going to be at Muse Art and Design on the last Sunday of April painting away in the store. Thirty 16"x20" canvases/panels will be hung in an exhibit at Muse Art and Design. Each canvas/panel will start out blank, labeled with the name of an artist and the date that the artist will create their piece.


Kristin said...

hey-- the tulips are popping their little heads out here, you should see them soon ;)

Sara Moriarty said...

this looks great erika! you should bring it to group on saturday. i want to see it and touch it. hope you are having a great week.

Michelle Brunner said...

Such great texture to this painting! Love it:) Can't wait until it actually starts to warm up!

Holly Sharp said...

Love this one! Please bring it Saturday! Did you already do that once? Anyway, it reminds me of CA a bit. I want to run over that hill.

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