Family Show

I am in the Family Show at the Launch Pad Gallery and I just did a small painting of a church. I went to a small private Catholic School for all 12 years of school. I know.. pretty painful. Yes I wore a uniform.. Yes there were nuns with large rulers.. Thinking back . Now feeling old.. we used to write the answers of our spelling tests on our upper legs under our skirt to cheat, to this day I am still a horrible speller. Thank god for spell check. :)

So this is a little church out in the middle of no where in Helvetia, Oregon. Helvetia is best known for their burger joint, Helvetia Tavern. I have gone out and eaten there a few times because the burgers are so monstrous and fresh. I did a lot of thinking about what I wanted to do for this show since lately I have been mainly working on landscapes and I thought I would go with something a little bit more from my back ground.

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Kristin said...

i loves loves love! helvetica tavern - i can't believe we never went there together. we used to go when jack was a baby a lot.