So I learned a valuable lesson over the weekend. I had the closing reception at Moxie this weekend and I received a phone call this past week that I had a customer interested in one of the larger pieces but there was a "finger print" and I would need to fix it in order for the customer to buy it. Well since I am a extreme perfectionist- I started having flashes of someone wiping their grubby muddy hands all over my painting... maybe spitting on it.. poking at it.. So who knows what could have happened to my poor innocent painting and the damage kept getting worse in my mind. I let Moxie know that I would bring a small repair kit and see if I was able to fix it.

So I get to show and I take a look at the painting and I do not see a finger print at all. On all my paintings I put on the varnish and it usually is not even and I only do one coat and it's meant to be uneven because I like the how the light hits the painting. Thankfully I had nothing to repair and it was a part of the painting. The worst part about the whole situation is that I am a little sad to see this painting go :( it's one of my favorites. I usually like to meet the people that buy my work so that I can make sure my paintings go to a good home.

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