My name is Erika. I'm in love with making art, collecting old things & chasing after my two kiddos. This blog is a peek into my happy accidents & plots of total world domination.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Beach and NYC

So this week has been a pretty stressful week. I went to the dreaded dentist and let me tell you I had horrible dreams about all my teeth falling out and having all me teeth removed. his I haven't been in what seems like forever but I finally decided to go and the only bad news is that I have to have my wisdom teeth out. What makes matters worse is that my brother in law was telling me how horrible of an experience of having his wisdom teeth removed. Then I proceeded to read online about horrible wisdom teeth removal was. :( So I hope I don't go running and screaming out of the oral surgeon's office.

Tim decided to surprise me and dragged me to the beach with our little dogs and it was beautiful out. Simply beautiful :) Now its back to raining but we had 4 solid days of sunshine.

Here is a painting that I can't decide if its done yet. NYC and I was playing with the soft sky with the lines of the water and buildings.

Creative thoughts and Productivity Vibes out to all :)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Love and little puppies

My little dogs have been full of mischief this past week. Not sure why they have been leaving me surprises and chewing on things. Think its a cry for help? :) We do time outs occasionally for our dogs but when Winston is in trouble Yoda usually waits for him. Winston is more of the obvious trouble maker and we don't find out about Yoda's surprises until hours later.

I decided to repaint my painting for the Love Show because I wanted to provide something that was more consistent with my current body of work. Let me tell you- trying to make an oil painting dry faster once its been painted- is tough. I read online about sticking the painting in the oven on a low heat or a blow dryer on low. I was afraid of sticking the painting in the oven because of the flammable materials. I also read about an artist who uses a McDonald's Fry Lamp to dry her paintings, which I thought was a little brave. I tried the blow drier on low for a couple of hours- I am not exactly sure how successful I was but its dry! (a little tacky but dry).

Have a creative week everyone :)

Monday, February 1, 2010

Land of the Birds

I can not believe we are already in February. February equals Valentines Day for me, which means hopefully I should be getting a surprise from my husband. (Hint Hint.. Timothy if you are reading this) :)

I am participating in the Love Show - which the final artist count for the show is a huge 350 and opening night is next Friday.

I am also working on a few paintings for a nursery and it's hard to have spring thoughts when we are in gross rainy winter. I decided to revisit doing some paintings of birds with some spring atmosphere. Here are two sparrows in a cherry tree with some fun stripes in the back ground.
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