Beach and NYC

So this week has been a pretty stressful week. I went to the dreaded dentist and let me tell you I had horrible dreams about all my teeth falling out and having all me teeth removed. his I haven't been in what seems like forever but I finally decided to go and the only bad news is that I have to have my wisdom teeth out. What makes matters worse is that my brother in law was telling me how horrible of an experience of having his wisdom teeth removed. Then I proceeded to read online about horrible wisdom teeth removal was. :( So I hope I don't go running and screaming out of the oral surgeon's office.

Tim decided to surprise me and dragged me to the beach with our little dogs and it was beautiful out. Simply beautiful :) Now its back to raining but we had 4 solid days of sunshine.

Here is a painting that I can't decide if its done yet. NYC and I was playing with the soft sky with the lines of the water and buildings.

Creative thoughts and Productivity Vibes out to all :)


Michelle said...

Sorry to hear about the dental woes! I slept most of the day away when I had my wisdom teeth out, so it wasn't that bad.

Your painting looks great. I think it's so hard to know when to call it done. Sometimes you have to put it away for a while. Or, as the saying goes...your done when you've said all that you need to say.

Dionne said...

Ugh, I hate the dentist. I have an appt for next week, and I am dreading it.

Your little beach trip sounds lovely, and your painting is beautiful!

Janice La Verne said...

I had my wisdom teeth out in my late 20s and it wasn't bad at all, really!

You are an amazing painter. I can never make buildings and structures look anything but wonky. Figures, easy. Buildings = hard. said...

I really like the sky in this piece, Erika.