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Thursday, April 29, 2010

You better work!

I have been going to several estate sales and the estate auctions which some what close to my house and as always I always come home with treasures. :) Well my husband told me that I need to stop coming home with junk! So now I have to fix up the furniture I picked up and I am hoping (actually praying) that everything turns out- so that I can continue to get more junk. I know that I am not a crafty gal but I can try. Does anyone have any good pointers on getting rust out of metal? The first thing that I am going to attempt to fix is this beautiful old chair- and I know to the naked eye you can't see the charm, but it was a dollar and I think there's something special to this chair.

I am also knee deep in my work- getting ready for some summer shows. I will be at May, first Thursday in the Pearl. June, I am going to have some work at Olympic Mills organized with Portland City Art. I will also have some work up at Gallery Exit 21 on Hawthorne for June.

:) Hope everyone is having a great week.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Library + Erika = awesomeness

I have recently rediscovered the library. The funny thing about the library as that when I was a kid I totally lost books and videos, and was always afraid to go back because there would be some enormousness fine or I was on some black list of never being allowed in the library. :) Well the library in my area is linked to several libraries around town, including Oregon College of Art and Craft. Since I didn't go to art school- I read a lot of art books or used the internet for reference. Now you can order books online and have them shipped to your library of choice and you can either go pick them up or have them sent to your house. I think I might have overloaded on books.

I have been in the studio working away at mainly some industrial paintings- I am just really enjoying doing the wires and how simple and complex that they can be. I am also loving how Portland is such a little city but the industrial district is small but large at the same time.

Have a creative weekend and creative thoughts to one and all.

Friday, April 2, 2010


I had my wisdom teeth pulled this week and it was my first time to have to been knocked out. On my way being taken out to the car after surgery, I did give each nurse a big hug and thank them for taking care of me. :) I was pretty looped up. I am recovering pretty well and I have been back in the studio 2 days after surgery.

Here is a little painting of before crossing the bridge back to Astoria, Oregon.

Happy Weekend Everyone :)
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