Day 6-Roma

Consumed: 2 café latte, 1 chocolate croissant, Split a bottle of Wine, cheese ravioli with butternut squash Italian sauce, Salami Plate, 2 beers, 1 coca cola light, 1 plate of spaghetti with prosciutto and crème sauce. 1 tiramisu- MMM pig pig pig … I know.

We went to the Coliseum and it was huge- largest amphi theater in the world. So guess what happened? Of course I had to trip and fall and skin my knees in front of a large group of tourists. As I was falling I could hear the large OOOOOO from the crowd. I was fine, but all Tim could say was that do you know you shed blood where others thousands of years ago shed blood. I was suddenly inspired to watch the movie Gladiator all over again- who knew movies could be educational?

Check out these sculptures outside of Rome's Museum of Modern Art or the Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna. We went by and it was closed.

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