Day 7- Last day in Roma

Consumed: 1 Croissant, 1 café latte, 3 beers, 1 shot of sambuko (not my idea- the Italian waiter’s idea) 2 plates of pasta with Italian white sauce, 1 caprese salad, grilled chicken with French fries, 1 coca cola light, 1 fanta. 1 tiramisu - I know I need to be thinking about making sure I eat my vegetables.

We saw the Parthenon today- were Raphael was buried. I think the most interesting thing about the Parthenon was the fact that when the Parthenon was built, there was no record of why it was built. I immediately thought secret society- maybe I’ve read too many Anne Rice or Twilight books. :)

We walked and walked- our last day in Rome. Dropped coins in the Trevi Fountain and strolled the streets of old Rome. They say if you put a coin in the fountain- you will return to Rome.

My only regret? Not eating more gelato.

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