Portland Tarot Art Show

So guess what? I am curating a show with 3 other lovely ladies, this is my first time curating anything. There are over 100 artists participating- so I know they say start small but it just grew into something large. Over the coming weeks I am going to document the process and I know I am going to learn a lot and hopefully I can share what I learn. My biggest strength is that I am slightly "detail orientated" :) if you know me I am totally neurotic with details.

The show is called the Portland Tarot Art Show and its going to be hung at Splendorporium. Every artist picks a card and they do their interpretation of the card. We do have a blog up, and will be highlighting the artists as it gets closer to the show. Wish me luck! Also I would love to hear any pointers or tips for curating a show.
Guess what else I got! I got a bump it today. :) My friend is having a bachelorette party coming up and we are all wearing them. Awesome.. I know.


Michelle Brunner said...

The art show sounds like an amazing thing! Can't wait to hear about it! I have never heard of a bump it before. Sounds fantastic! I love the idea that an entire bachelorette party will be sporting them:) Please take pictures!

wickson said...

The description of this event contains a couple of factual errors which I feel obligated to correct if we Americans are to be truly creative with Tarot. While it's true the earliest Tarot cards appear in the 15th century, we have no evidence they were used for spiritual purposes before the 18th century. Long before being used for card reading, the Tarot was used for a type of card game still played in continental Europe. I fail to understand the point of denying the existence of this other Tarot culture and mislead people into believing that Tarot cards are exclusively used for cartomancy or spiritualism.

I should also point out that the basic symbolism of the cards has not always remained the same. Although most Americans are not yet familiar with them, there exist Tarot cards with the same suit signs as our poker decks and contain quite different symbolism than the ones Americans normally used for divination. The problem with American Tarot art is that too many artists are only familiar with decks such as the Rider Waite Smith Tarot and are only familiar with Tarot as an instrument for divination and I believe this cripples our ability to innovate.