Eat Pray Love

Consumed: 1 movie theater large diet coke, sushi!- Las Vegas roll and California Roll , miso soup, Caresse salad, popcorn, crunchy tacos.Tim and I had a lunch date yesterday and saw Eat Pray Love with Julia Roberts. The movie was good but the book was even better. Tim said he almost fell asleep 2 times, but he was such a good sport. I already know he is going to drag me to that new Facebook movie. Would I watch it again? Rentable :) but I still love Julia.
The movie did get us talking about where we are going to get away next. Tim is having his big 3-0 this December and he wants to get away but I don't think we want to cross an ocean. We were thinking maybe New Orleans for 3-4 days then hop over to Vegas for 3-4 days. Never been to New Orleans- it has me thinking about gumbo.. jambalaya, corn bread.. scary tours... Don't they have crocodile parks? Where they do tricks?

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Michelle Brunner said...

Oh how I miss diet coke! Especially movie theater diet tastes better for some reason! I really want to see Eat Pray Love. I loved the book but keep hearing (of course) the movie is not as good. I will probably still go see it because I also love Julia:)