Consumed: 1 starbucks, half a cheddar cheese sandwich, strawberries, 1 five guy bacon cheese burger, 1 order of Cajun french fries, 1 diet coke- :( the burger was not my fault- Tim made me .. I am going to be healthy the rest of the week I promise!
It is sooo HOT here! I am practically melting in my studio since our AC is broken. I think i figured out who broke it... my 2 little angels. I think Yoda (black pug) looks guiltier then Winston (fawn pug). Here they are fighting over a pair of socks.

Recently I found out an artist that I admire Kelly Neidig is battling with lyme disease. She started a blog Art and Lyme to document her journey. Here is the painting I bought from her a few years ago, which I love. Get well soon! Also! I was interviewed for a woman's life and style magazine,


Michelle Brunner said...

Yay! I LOVED that interview! That is awesome:) Your artwork looked amazing in the piece! The detail is fantastic! How long does it take for you to do a typical painting?

p.s. your doggies are super cute:)

Erika Lee @ A Tiny Rocket said...

Well the small paintings.. maybe a couple days.. I am working on a big one and it's been weeks.. I don't even want to know or think about how long.

PS My doggies are super models in training.

Michelle Brunner said...

Wow! That is incredible for the amount of detail that you have in your paintings! It would take me a year to paint like that!