Wednesday Hump Day

Consumed: 1 starbucks, 1 diet coke, grilled cheese, taco salad, lime chips, guacamole :) MMM Mexican food is the best when it's hot outside.

I rounded up some of the books that I have read over the last year or so before deciding to make the career change. Anytime I want to learn something, I just get a book... Fine, I am geek like that :). They are all good books but my favorites would be Starving to Successful, Breaking into the Artworld, and the ever classic Taking the Leap. All 3 books are quick, easy reads, with the authors offering honest advise.
I am almost done with a large 3'X3' painting. Woohoo! I have been working on it... which feels like forever... well maybe weeks. Hopefully I will have a pic up tomorrow.

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Michelle Brunner said...

Thanks for the book recommends! I have been thinking of getting an inspiring book like one of these. It is always good to know which ones are the best:) Can't wait to see your new painting!