Thursday, October 28, 2010

Big 100- #1 of 15

Well first of all- how am I going to do a painting a day? How?!
This is a man in China Town in New York City talking on his cell phone.  He was wearing one of those old fashioned 50's wedge cap like for a old fashion diner for a Chinese restaurant.  I also wanted to play with a more impressionistic take on the man with dabs of color with out blending.   I keep messing around with the glass behind him.


Unknown said...

a painting a day!?
good luck...
so far, so good.

Cindy said...

i like the painterly touch and his expression. enjoy your weekend!

Heartfire At Home said...

Wow Erika, you did this in a day!! A painting a day is a huge challenge..... hard to imagine how to fit it in. Way to go!

Linda. x

Tracey said...

That looks super! I love the textures and the look on his face! You certainly captured a real 'moment' there! :)

A painting a day will be a big challenge, but I'm sure you'll get there! :)

jenna said...

wow, this one's really striking - congrats on joining the project!