The Big 100

On to working on my next project for the Christmas Season.  I am participating in the Big 100.  It's 100 artists doing 15 little paintings each and they will be framed and sold for a fixed price of $50.  I need to be doing a painting a day in order to complete my work in time. YIKES! Chris Haberman organizes this event every year and it will take place at the Goodfoot.

I am not a 100% of what I am going to do but I should get cracking! Like the pumpkin? Tim said it looked like a 2 year old carved it.  What's wrong with being a little festive?  :)  I love a scary pumpkin!


Cindy said...

sounds like fun and looking forward to seeing what you do!

Anonymous said...

A painting a day it's a hard job!! But yes it's painting...a passion not exactly a job right? Good luck! Post picture as you progress. I like to look at your work.

Deer Little Fawn said...

Sounds Fun!
I have given you an award on my blog:
xBeth :)

Tracey said...

The Big 100 project sounds amazing ... what a fantastic way to push your creativity! Best of luck with it (not that you'll need any of course ... ).


... That pumpkin is wonderful ... it looks seriously angry!

Michelle Brunner said...

I love the idea of doing a painting a day! I have always wanted to try it but of course was too lazy to do it! Good luck with it and I love your pumpkin:) Pumpkin carving is harder than it looks!

Megan said...

it looks like you are well on your way with this! nice paintings so far :)

very cool looking pumpkin as well!