Facing Your Fears

It's finally done! I really struggled with this one.. From the guys bald spot to the different sources of light, and it's a lot darker then I typically paint  This piece is for the Launch Pad Gallery's show Facing your Fears.

I thought long and hard about what are my biggest fears.  I am a total wuss and afraid of a lot of things. I love to travel but I hate getting in planes.  I think the entire time about the plane crashing over the water because if you crash over water you are dead.  So maybe I am afraid of drowning? No I am afraid of crashing.. maybe I am afraid of burning.  Or am I just afraid of Death?

I am afraid all my teeth will fall out and I even just went to the dentist last week.  So am I afraid of my teeth falling out? Or afraid of the dentist? Or am I just afraid of bad news?

So I figured.. What do I do when I am facing my fears.  I pray :), I am not super religious, but have my own views with God and the Universe.  When visiting the old churches in Europe, I noticed how hard people pray, which is why this is a man praying in front of a saint in Saint Germain in Paris, France.


Unknown said...

What a great take on the subject of fear and what a thoughtful painting. The lighting is very nice & the empty chairs make me ponder a bit.

PS- Do you have dreams about your teeth falling out, too? I've read that it is quite common but doesn't change that I hate having them.

Erika Lee @ A Tiny Rocket said...

:) Thanks!

Yes I totally have dreams that my teeth are falling out and then in the dream I glue them back in...

Tracey said...

I have always thought that 'facing your fears' is an incredibly powerful source of creativity and 'direct' way of getting to know who we are.

Your painting is wonderful and reflective ... just like the painter herself! :)