Big 100 13-15

I can't believe I have a few more paintings to go.  Homeless person with her little dogs- I always feel a little sorry for the dogs especially if they look under fed. 

8X8 oil on wood.
Information about the show:
The Big 100 is 100 artists doing 15 paintings each all for the set price of $50.  Cash and Carry Show.
December 2-4th 4pm-2 am at the Goodfoot.


Happy Little Trees Studio said...

I know what you mean, when you see these individuals with animals. Sad all the way around. Awesome subject matter for your work. It definately invoked an emotion in me.

Anonymous said...

Yes, so sad. Sometimes they are well fed, they actually look like thay eat more than the owners, other times it looks like they are both starving. I can't help and I give money, and sometimes dogfood. Lovely painting, definetly a touching subject.

Cindy said...

i know what you mean, it's sad for everyone. wonderful painting and the entire group of 15.

Joyce said...

A beautiful painting! It reminds of us of how many people and dogs that are homeless- sad. The painting holds a lot of emotions. xo