Big 100 - 3 of 15

I am sooo behind on getting these paintings done in time.

I decided to a small series with in the 15 of the subway people of New York and playing around with the blur of the subway.  :) Ahhh New York.

Information about the show:
100 artists doing 15 paintings each all for the set price of $50.  Cash and Carry Show.
December 3-4th 5-10 pm at the Goodfoot.


Anonymous said...

you go girl!! You are really making it!! This is nice, I love urban inspirations.

Tracey said...

Love the New York feel ... it definitely comes through loud and clear in this piece.

You're doing awesomely well with cranking out the quality paintings ... :D

Kristin said...

love love love this one, it's my fave of the series so far. wish i was going to be able to come down for big 100 - but i will be in chicago for the holiday renegade with sarah.

Erika Lee @ A Tiny Rocket said...

:( Kristin makes me sad that you haven't come to visit me. We need to plan a girls trip to Chicago.

Cindy said...

ah, i take that train all the time and love the blur!

jenna said...

that's my train! i think you make the subway prettier than it is. :) did you enjoy your time in nyc?