Gift Guide for the Mr.

My husband is one of the worst people to shop for because if he wants something he usually negotiates until he gets it.  :)

Every man now a days needs a man bag- it's more European right?
by Stash

Make him a bobble head.  I know my husband loves pictures of himself. lol :) why not make him his own mini me.

Cufflinks.  Aren't these sweet?

by Fistacuffs

Business Card Holder.  This is a old recycled neck tie made into a fancy business card holder.
by Prixprix

Soap- made from Guinness.

by Orangefuzz

:) Happy Shopping


Cindy said...

i know it's meant for the guys, but those bags from stash are terrific. i love messengers and can never find one that's fun! thanks!

Michelle Brunner said...

Love the man bag or murse from Stash also! My husband has a bag he got when we were in Italy and LOVES it! I think the bobble head is an awesome idea as well! Thanks for posting!

Joe said...

A great list indeed.

Thanks for the include. Much appreciated.

Happy Holidays

Noodles and Waffles said...

I love the cuff links!

Anonymous said...

Like the man bag! I have several of these myself...been carrying them for years...I'll have to add the one from stash to my Christmas list!

Happy Little Trees Studio said...

LOL! Those were great! Who knew they had soap made out of beer!!!

Charlotte said...

These are cool and unique selections. I like all of them but I think my husband prefers stuff that run on!

Tracey said...

I love your 'man-gift' list Erika!

My favourite is that man-bag ... it's look fantastic and I know my Mr. has an absolute bag obsession, so it's perfect! :)

Anonymous said...

The soap made from guinness is perfect for me too.
I'm a guinness kind of girl, when I'm not drinking wine.