I didn't get what I wanted for Christmas Gift Guide

Did you already return some of your gifts and looking for presents for yourself? I certainly am! It's kind of funny I got an art kit for Christmas last year from my mother- and it was a children's art kit.  It's the thought that counts :) and I returned it.  What's funny is my husband's mother got me the EXACT same art kit this year.  I wonder who is going to get it for me next year.  lol

After Christmas Gift Guide!

I am loving this bright yellow and the stripes.  Perfect for a sketchpad and art supplies.
by Ikabags

Don't you just love his face?  My dogs might get jealous.  My mother gave me a gift bag with a pug face on it and my dogs could not stop barking at it. 

by Siblinglvalrie

I love this print- and the control of realism with the unpredictable drips.  :) kinda fantastical!

by Windylanestudio

Since I belong to an apple house, I was thinking about getting a a little iphone case so that my screen won't get scratched.  Pretty Cute!
by Shibangdesigns

I desperately need this for my  couch.

by Blueterracotta
Happy Shopping!


Unknown said...

more great stuff!! i LOVE the painting!! the owl pillow is super cute too.

have fun with your post holiday shopping!!

(did you change your page or am i less observant than i thought? looks nice, either way!)

BlueTerracotta said...

Great gift guide, exactly what we need after Christmas! My son got me some pencils and erasers, so I could use that beautiful bag to carry them around; I love it! Thank you so much for featuring my owl!

Erika Lee @ A Tiny Rocket said...

I have made a few tweaks to my page still playing around with the design :)

IKABAGS said...

Great finds ! and friends are here :)

Thanks so much featuring my handmade vag :)!

t has been a very exciting year

I would like to say a big thank you for EVERYTHING ! Also, I would like to wish you a joyful Christmas and a very happy 2011!

Michelle Brunner said...

Love your post- Christmas gift guide...hilarious that you get art kits for kids because I do to! I have even tried using the materials because I feel bad and it is just no use...the colored pencils in the kits usually don't even color!

I love the yellow bag also..yellow is PERFECT for this time of year since now I want it to be warm once the holidays are over:)

Tracey said...

It's always a bit funny to see what family members gift us each year ... I too am a big believer in 'it's the thought that counts'! :)

I adore your little gift guide too (I especially love that lovely yellow bag and that owl) ... I really need to start a savings plan for the new year, so I'm doing my best to resist temptation ... at least for now! ;)

Kristin said...

love love love that bag E, might have to grab it in navy/white, you know my obsession with navy & white stripes. i've been looking for a crossbody big enought to throw the camera in.

Anonymous said...
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