Scribblings from the Road

Did I ever mention that I hate to fly?  I hate it.

My love for new adventures out weighs the fear.  I book a flight and don't really think anything about it, but a few days before the flight I start getting wound up.    My hands start to shake and get sweaty.

Did you know that you are more likely to get kicked in the face by a donkey then get into a plane crash?  I'm not sure who gave me this random fact/statistic, but it doesn't make me feel better.  Before I fly if it's an airline or type if airplane I have never flown in- I look up the track record for safety.  I am slightly crazy.  :)  I think I get it from my mother who drinks Bloody Mary's as she travels to calm her nerves.  If I tell her I am getting a little anxious for the flight- she tells me that I need to drink a Bloody Mary.  Bottoms up!


Michelle Brunner said...

Yay! I love travel sketchbooks! I personally do not love flying especially taking off and landing. It is totally better than driving 20 hours though!

I agree with your mom, a nice bloody mary can help with the nerves:) Hope you have a great trip!

belinda marshall said...

oh man i hate it too! i think about a time in a couple of years when we'd love to travel with the kids and get anxious within seconds!
i don't like that my family are 2 days of driving away either, ie a flight!
hope you are having a fun adventure + survived the flight ok :)

Anonymous said...

I love flying. I sleep like a baby on planes. I fall asleep before the plane takes off and wake up only to go to the bathroom and eat. I love it.
And I've been hit in the knee by a horse...i'd rather take a hundred planes. That was SO painful.

Tracey said...

I love your sketches (they are far from being scribbles!).

I know a lot of people that hate to fly ... I actually really like it (I kind of treat it like a scary ride, which I also love ... especially those take-offs).

It's great that your love of travel outweighs the fear factor ... not that it gives you much comfort. You're not crazy at all! :)

I'm sure you'll make it through your travel plans without too many of those Bloody Marys! ;)