Monday, January 31, 2011

Motivation Monday- sidewalk chalk

Hello! My husband's little brother big 2-5 birthday was this weekend and we celebrated with steak dinner and a delicious champagne cake.  It was some serious delicious cake.. tasted like little bits of sugar cloud.
I am rereading a book called "What I Know Now About Success"- letters from extraordinary women to their younger selves edited by Ellyn Spragins. I just love this book, it reminds me that everyone had to start from some where and it often makes me wonder what I would tell my younger self or at what point in my life I would I want to talk to myself.  This is the letter Barbara Corcoran, she into real estate and a judge on Shark Tank.
Dear Barbara Ann,
      Don't be afraid.  Stand up and shout out loud and clear enough for everyone to hear: "No I am NOT stupid."
     There's a world of difference between different and being stupid.  It's not a sin when you can't follow directions or don't have the answer.  Know that there is no shame in reading out loud and that the other kids' laughter is just a sign of their discomfort with fears of their own.  They don't realize they are hearing for the first time a different kind of beautiful mind.
     You know things the smart kid's don't.  You create side walk chalk games the other kids can't even dream of.  You often know what the other kids think before they decide to tell you and can feel the mood in a room the moment you walk in.
     You know how to get your sisters to do all your chores.  You've learned how to bring humor into the middle of your family's chaos.  You know how to build complicated worlds of levels and bridges and alcoves and cliffs and islands and beaches in the little stream behind the house.
     Trust yourself, Barbara Ann.  What you can't write and spell, you will soon learn how to say.
     Hang in there, Barbara Ann.  Your talent for daydreaming will come in handy later.  And your people smarts will prove ten times more valuable than all the book smarts you can't get.
     Be patient with yourself and repeat after me.  "I am NOT stupid.  I am NOT stupid.
Happy Monday! I have some really exciting news for tomorrow that I can't wait to tell you all about it.  Well I am actually really nervous about that I am going to launch... this new and super exciting art project.  I am just a girl following her dream and I never colored with in the lines.  :)  


Traveling Distances said...

Champagne cake sounds delicious! I love this week's topic- even now, there are things I'd like to tell my younger self like don't take school too seriously...go out and have fun. I wonder what I'll tell myself ten years from now- nothing is always as bad as it seems!?

Can't wait to hear about your project!

Mandy Crandell said...

Wonderful! So excited about your news! :)

Joyce said...

I couldn't get past the champagne cake! I have never heard of this cake and will have to look to see if one is on our area.

Oops with cake on my brain I need to go back and read the rest of your post. Looks like some exciting things are going on in your corner. xo

stephanie said...

Gah! That letter just about made me cry. I really wish at times I could go back and tell my younger self a few things. Sigh. But I guess it's never too late to embrace what we are and what we can/can't do, right?

Can't wait to her what you've got to share tomorrow!

Michelle said...

Sounds like some great advice. And that cake looked amazingly delish!

Annie said...

can't wait to check this book out... may make a trip down to Powells soon to see if I can find it!

Deer Little Fawn said...

Happy birthday to him! Sounds like a scruptious meal! Love the sound of that book, I think it might be what I need to read right now, thanks for sharing, I'm going to see if I can get hold of it. :)
Exited to hear your news! Be confident in your plans, you rock! :)

Unknown said...

Champagne cake - oh my goodness!

So excited to follow up!

Kristin said...

you are killing me with the beaverton bakery champange cake, i haven't had it in years.

The Pen Thief said...

Can't wait to hear what project you are starting!! You can accomplish anything you put your mind to!

AbbieBabble said...

I can't wait to hear your exciting news!

I love that book- I've read essays from it, but I've never sat down and read the whole thing. I may have to do that soon.

Angela said...

Sounds like a fantastic book. The cake? YUMMY!

Unknown said...

both by your secret AND the cake

Unknown said...

oh...and thanks for the card! it's lovely.

Tracey said...

Can't wait hear more of your exciting news - I love how you follow your dreams ... each day is bringing me closer to mine too! :)

Champagne cake = yum! I must try it!! :D