The Magic of Bali- Part 1

This is the last photos of our trip to Asia and I really had a special connection to Bali. I hope some of the magic will rub off on some of these photos. 
The markets were amazing and full of color.  I loved seeing all the hand made items.
Gorgeous doorways everywhere!
Art Studios.. and Art around every corner. I was simply in heaven!
MMMMM! I am not 100% sure what the dessert was but it was delicious.  Of course no place would be complete with out me having a delicious coffee beverage.

:) I loved every second of Bali.. more to come.


considerthelillies said...

gorgeous pictures! what a wonderful experience you had, amazing!

Amy Louise Stokke said...

Ah! Looks so familiar! Were you guys in Ubud? I loved all the art and crafty items there. I spent lots of time meandering around the marketplace there. It's so fun to see other pictures of where I was!

Mandy Crandell said...

Mmmmmm... dessert.

Cindy said...

bali looks very beautiful ... love the pops of color, too!

Jan said...

Thanks for visiting me at my blog. :O)

Notice that you've been to Singapore ... did you go to Malaysia too? I lived in both places when I was young for about six years ... so I am definitely diggin' the vibe here. I also visited Jakarta many-many years back. Missed the part where everyone went to Bali ... sigh ... I would've liked to have gone there too.


Poppies and Sunshine said...

It looks like Bali would make such an amazing trip! Wonderful pictures!

Tracey said...

Great photos Erika ... even though Bali is pretty close to Australia, I've never been ... but everyone tells me how wonderful it is! :)