DIY - Art Hanging!

I have really wanted to do a fun art hanging above my fire place.  I have been putting it off forever and ever but I finally did it :).  When you hang pieces of art together not in a straight line but by grouping them it's called hanging art work salon style.  I think the best part of hanging artwork salon style is that you can add artwork to it after it's been hung and it also can be a really dramatic piece.

1.  Tape Measure
2.  Painters Tape
3.  Scissors
4.  Picture Hanging Laser- I got mine for 10 bucks at Home Depot but it isn't a requirement but I suggest it if you want a even look. You can also use a tape measure, level, and painters tape.
5.  Nails
6.  Hammer

Step 1. Pick Out the artwork.  Don't be afraid to take chances.  Pick out the artwork you love.  Some of the artwork is mine and the some are things I have bought from art shows or fairs.
Step 2.  Take out your handy tape measure and measure where you want to hang you art.  I measured the length of the mantle and the height to the ceiling.  I wanted the art to be hung about 10 inches from the mantle.
Step 3.  Lay out the artwork on the ground.  If you have a real specific area that you want to place the artwork.  Tape the exact space on the floor with painters tape.  I knew I didn't want enough art to completely fill the space but if you do- just tape the ground with painters tape. 
Step 4.  Try different arrangements.
Step 5.  Once you pick out how you want the art work hung.  It's time to start hanging.   I measured the width of the bottom level of the artwork and wanted to them to be an inch apart.  Time for a little math :)- the width of the mantle and subtract the width of the bottom layer of artwork.  Since I want the artwork to be an inch apart- I subtract by one.  Then divide that number by 2.  So I will have 6 inches on each side of the bottom layer of art.
Step 6. If you don't have a laser pointer you can use painters tape and measure out lines.  Take your first part of art.  Since I decided I wanted the art to be 6 inches from the end of the mantle and 10 inches above the mantle.  I mark the wall with painters tape- to guide the laser pointer. I set up the laser pointer in a level spot and make the cross in that corner.  I go back to the wall and double check the measurements.  This can be time consuming to make it just right- but it's worth it! because the more time you spend preparing the space- the better it will turn out.
Step 7.  Take your first piece of art and since you have your laser with a cross point of the bottom outside corner of the artwork.   Time to measure for your nail.  Measure the height of the artwork.  Flip the artwork over and measure the distance from the top of the art to the hanging point- (like a nail hole or wire or maybe the frame of the art work.)  Subtract the height of your artwork and your hanging point and that is the distance where you want to put your nail.  I know this can be a little tricky but its easier with small work and you will get the hang of it.
Step 8.  Hang your first piece of art on the nail.  Take your laser pointer and switch the vertical line to the other side of the painting. Cut a couple pieces of painters tape so they are an inch wide. Place the painters tape on the right hand side of the art. Remember I wanted to have the artwork to be an inch apart- if you want more room or less room inbetween the art- then this is an easy tip take make it exact.
Step 9.  Take the laser pointer and move it one inch over.  Use the painting you just hung and the painters tape to guide. Once you have the laser in the exact spot.  Double check with a tape measure.  Then repeat Step 8- to hang your art work.
Step 10.  Take your premeasured inch long painters top and put it on the wall on top of one of the paintings.
Step 11. Move the laser pointer so that it runs on the edge of the painting.
Step 12. Hang you art!  See I told you it gets easier once you place a couple of pieces.
Step 13.  Now Repeat until all your art work is hung.   I did one side of the artwork first.  Then repeat on the other side.
 Step 14.  Admire your work.  You worked hard :) and you are awesome!


tinajo said...

I suck at hanging art so this comes in handy for me - thanks! :-)

Traveling Distances said...

I've always wanted to do that with pictures but never came around to do so. All your painting are so beautiful and they look nice together.

Outcast said...

Wow. This is all some great art. The first one is probably my favourite of them all. It honestly is so damn good I'd love to have it hanging from my wall.

amber d* said...

Awesome art work! I really need to get a laser pointer for my house. Things are always slightly crooked. Or I'll get done hanging and then put 10 more nail holes in cause it's way too obvious of how crooked it is, lol

Lindsay [Elle Elizabeth] said...

I love how you set up all the paintings up on the wall!

Teresa said...

You make it look so easy.

I have a mirror on top of the fireplace, which was the solution when I got scared I might screw up with art...

Loved your Art choices :thumbup:

Joyce said...

Thanks for the info! Beautiful art!! xo

stephanie said...

Thanks for this! I was just thinking about how I'm going to start hanging up the collection of art that I'm gathering. This is perfect. xoxo

Sarah said...

wow this is so informative. I absolutely love how you arranged your art. Thanks for the tips.

- Sarah

JW | PEONY said...

that looks GREAT! I love art that is displayed gallery style {hehe I really wanted to use that newly learned term}

Rose Clearfield said...

What an awesome project! One of my goals in our house is to get more artwork. I love the salon style.

Alexa said...

Oh my goodness. You have saved my life. Hanging artwork is not one of my strong points. ;) Love your work btw!

Jessica Ruud said...

Oh how I love art and DIY :) That I can handle!

So awesome you are in Portland Oregon. I want to move there ASAP :)

Huckleberry Creative said...

Looks amazing! Love this how to!

Anonymous said...

you are SO talented!

p.s. love that typewriter

kristina@beancakes ★ said...

thanks for your DIY tutorial!! i have always thought this to be so complicated ~ i will have to try this as i have so many pieces that need to get displayed. LOVE all of your paintings too!!
xoxo ~ kristina

my day in a sentence said...

Those are really nice tips. And the end result is great! I wonder if I could do that! :)

CARRIE said...

I love salon groupings, too, and you're art is so pretty. I've never thought of using a laser pointer-- that would for sure come in handy. Normally I use the old Martha Stewart trick where I trace all of my frames onto butcher paper and mark on the back exactly where the hook goes. Then you can tape the papers onto the wall and play with the arrangement and there's no guesswork on where to nail in the hooks.

karen marie said...

what a fantastic grouping... i'm super inspired by this idea, and may have to try it out :) i live in a tiny apartment with very little wall space, so this is a great solution - i can STILL have lots of art! <3

Kelle Dame said...

I secretly dread hanging art! It kind of drives me crazy! It always takes more time than I plan and usually involves a few extra nail holes in the walls! Oh well. Great tips! Thanks for sharing!