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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Big 200 Recap

The Big 200- is a show that a participant in every year- and it's a really spectacular holiday show.  Its 200 artists painting 10 works of art each and they all are the same size and they all sell for the same price.  The event gets bigger every year and even more exciting every year.  

The line to get into the event gets very long and when the doors opens for the event- some of the people rush in and there is a mad scramble to get the art. What I love most about the show is that I can make whatever work I want and it doesn't necessarily need to be apart of a series.  So this year I stopped by to pick up what art I had left over and I can't believe it but I sold all my work! I am so thankful that my little paintings found homes and I even more greatful that people enjoyed my work.
If you want to see some of my work from the show click here :)

Big Thanks to Chris Haberman and Jason Brown for putting on such a great show at the People Art of Portland.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Portlandia and Me

Over the summer they were shooting the second season of the show Portlandia.  Portlandia is a show about the ever dazzling Portland, Oregon- it has a couple of Saturday Night Live cast members that star in it- and they do different comedy sketches based on the unusualness of Portland.  Portland has been known for it being a little on the special side, but the show highlights that.  :) I was lucky enough to help out with one of the sketches with some art work.
I was under top secret orders until the episode aired which it just aired this last Friday. Me and a handful of my artsy friends went to the work party and made a bunch of "bad art" for the sketch.  It was pretty exciting going to a warehouse in the industrial district and being put to work for the day.  The sketch was poking fun at the amount of art in Portland especially in coffee shops but the funny twist was that it was all supposed to be "bad".   So here are some photos from the day!
I still can't believe I helped out for something that made it on tv. :) Happy Monday!

Special thanks to Bridget the Art Scout for including me in on this and also it was so great working with some amazing Portland artists- Anna Magruder, Shawn Demarest, Jenn Feeney, Rebecca Shapiro, Jolie Guillebeau, Nicole Daughters, and Andrew Fergeson.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Favorites-Art Supply Edition :)

I just saw these and I think I might need a couple of these Dryden art and canvas keepers for my studio. I think it's a must for any studio- I do have drying racks but this rolling rack separates the paintings with out them touching. I also think they would be great for large frame storage.
What won't they make into spray paint? Mirror spray paint of course! I have so many fun ideas to use this as soon as I saw it. :)
This is Missing Link Moldable Plastic- you just heat and put the item you want to imprint in it.. and viola! you have a mold.. pretty awesome? huh? make jewelry.. your own buttons..
Hexagon Profile Design- Water color pen! So great to take around in my traveling art kit.  Isn't the little bear on the front so darn cute?
Happy Friday :) ! Doing anything fun over the weekend?

Thursday, February 2, 2012

a pancake diet

I have a confession to make- I am slightly addicted to watching Top Chef and last night episode the challenge was to make Pee Wee Herman a delicious pancake.  I do love a good pancake. :) Just thinking about a mouth watering delicious.. ever so tasty pancake.. makes me just want to run down my stairs and head to the kitchen and make some.
I think what I love most about a pancake is the toppings- you can make it sweet or more savory. YUM! I made pancakes the other day- and my pancake of choice was banana with almonds.  How do you like your pancakes :)?  

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

a little smile

I have been up to my ears in getting ready to file for taxes- and between me and my husband's we have 3 businesses to account for...  Which means- a ton of paperwork.  Hopefully fingers crossed I will have it all done tomorrow.  Woohoo! So I can finally get some well needed studio time.
I took a little break from the paperwork and decided to give my little bugs their weekly bath.  Bath time is always special mommy and puppy time.  They particularly love getting their tummies scrubbed and also enjoy their little snack treat they get afterwards for being so good and for looking so handsome.
 There little furry faces make me smile every time. :) What's making you smile today?
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