88 Strong- Lets get Happy!

The 88 Strong Show- has 88 themes hence the name which you can pick from any one of the themes.  It's a really fun show because you can do pretty much anything that falls into any one of the themes.  Portlandia is one of the themes- which I decided to paint Le Happy- which is a crepe and steak restaurant in town- it really stands out because it's a vibrant yellow.  Crepes certainly make me happy.. especially when they are filled with nutella and bananas. yum!
About the Show: 88 Strong
Location: @ The Goodfoot, 2845 SE Stark, Portland, OR
Date: September 27th- 5pm and goes until October 23rd
Details: 88 artists that make 8 works and can choose from any of the 88 themes.  Every 8X8 painting is $50 and comes framed.  The show is a cash and carry show which means you pay and walk out with the painting that same night.  


The Dainty Dolls House said...

That is beautiful, love those colours :)) xx

Outcast said...

Like the Doll I love this so much Erica, awesome work as usual. I love crepes with bananas and caramel, not going to lie that I'd love some of that right now.

Lilla said...

I wish I lived somewhere near so I could visit!

Briseidy said...

cute! nice colors

Unknown said...

It's beautiful!
I love Portland, hope I can live there someday.
You have a nice blog, I'm your new follower :) Hope you can visit mine,


Janice La Verne said...

Hi Erika! I just caught up on your blog. You are so inspiring, amazing how much you have accomplished while being a new mom. Although we have never met I cannot help feeling so very happy for you with your new daughter. You are a wonderful mother! And thanks for the comments on my blog, Janice from Eugene

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

teehee...I am flying in here, this tiny paper airplane!

I LOVE YOUR STYLE from having left the corporate world, in order to chase art. I did the same thing, only I am a French teacher who is now going to substitute here and there....

THANK YOU for your visit and your art IS FANTASTIC!


Mise said...

50 dollars is a bargain for paintings such as these.

Unknown said...

So happy to find your adorable blog and learn about you! Art is a passion of mine as well, and I love so many things Im reading about you. Wish I was in Portland so we could meet! I love nutella and banana crepes, which I had in Paris..I see you went there too! We already have a lot in common, so I will be following you!
Best of luck in the show. You're painting is great.

Unknown said...

omg ur beyond talented girl!