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Let's Talk Politics

Typically I don't talk much about politics or religion... They are touchy subjects and in my opinion a personal thing and I respect the fact that everyone is entitled to their opinion and point of view.  I also view my blog as a journal and voice of sorts- documenting my art journey, the brush strokes of my life, and things that inspire me.  I love being able to look back at my digital foot print to see how far I have come and where I want to go.

Last night we had the our election and that it's amazing that come election day things can change what seems like overnight and I as a person have the power to vote.  A couple of things that happened last night for the first time in US history, women will hold 20 seats in our Senate which includes the first Asian-American women, first openly lesbian women and first disabled woman.

Last night it passed in Puerto Rico- that Puerto Rico will become the 51st state of the United States.  PR is currently a US common wealth- and my mom is born and raised in Puerto Rico.  I told my mom this morning that it finally passed- PR is going to become part of the United States- and she laughed and said I will call your aunt and see what she thinks.  PR has been up for statehood nearly every election for as long as I can remember but last night that all changed.


Outcast said...

I love the news about women getting more involved in politics Erika. I'm not one to go too deep into politics either but I hope that Obama helps America continue to move forwards because I love you guys and I hate seeing such a wonderful country having to suffer.

Annabella said...

Amazing changes can happen!

Michelle Brunner said...

I also do not really get into politics but I am happy women are given more opportunity to make a difference! Let us hope the next four years are good ones!

Unknown said...

Regardless of ones political affiliations, it's a great step forward for all women!

h said...

All the elections results this year were crazy, weren't they?! 'So excited for the future!!

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