Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Time is Here

This is my first Christmas that Tim and I decided to go and chop down a tree.  Well.. at least this is the first year I decided we were going to chop down a tree. I promised Tim a big home made breakfast and nice big cup of hot coco if he would at least attempt to chop down a tree.  We go out to the Christmas tree farm and pick out the tree and they help you chop it down.. then have a machine that shakes the tree of water and then another machine that wraps the tree in plastic.  I don't remember getting a Christmas tree being this easy.  When I was a kid I remember having to go out which seemed like the wilderness and chop down a tree and carry the muddy thing back to the car.    
I have to admit my Christmas tree makes me so happy. I turn on the lights and the pugs snooze right next to it.  I am actually really surprised they aren't freaked out by it, since they get freaked out by hats and pillows. :) 
Have you gotten your Christmas tree yet?


ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Gorgeous photos! Yup, we put our Christmas tree up pretty early, we put it up on Thanksgiving. =) Happy Holidays!

Sarah said...

Wow, I love that picture of you and Nora in front of the tree. Gorgeous tree. And we also put our tree up right after thanksgiving. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Lindsay [Elle Elizabeth] said...

The hubby and I went and got ours this past Sunday. Same thing where we went and someone cut the tree down for you, shook it in a machine and nicely wrapped it for us. Tonight we're finally getting around to decorating it :)

Outcast said...

These photos are so great and I absolutely love the one of the tree, it looks incredible and the fact that it's natural is just amazing to me, absolutely love these photos Erika, hopefully you and your family have the wonderful Christmas that you all deserve.

QP said...

you guys must have picked a good place! Zack and Beth had to haul their tree to the car, I don't think it was plastic wrapped.
We have our old fakey all decked out now as well.
Beautiful pics!
Let me know when you want to do the cookies :)

Ronnie said...

Ours is still in our cupboard under the stairs! Must really get onto that this week. :)
Yours looks beautiful!
Ronnie xo
p.s. And how quickly is your baby growing up!?

Anonymous said...

...and no, not yet. Next week. Can't wait...

punkychewster said...

oh wow, a real Christmas tree! Lucky you!! Enjoy this holiday season with your beautiful family! Special love to your little girl and your pugs!