Some thoughts

Today I want to remember in my thoughts and little prayers the people that lost their lives last week in the Connecticut elementary school shooting and in the Oregon mall shooting.  The Oregon mall shooting happened about 30 minutes from my home, and I even got a panicked call from my mother that day to see if I was at the mall that day.  My parents live in another state. It's scary.  Being a new mother, and knowing my daughter will be going to kindergarten in a few short years and knowing I won't be able to be there to protect her every moment.  It's scary.

I hope that we remember the victims in all of this and hope for something good to come out of something so horrible. These tragedies make me heavy hearted and my mother will get an extra big hug next time I see her and  my little girl will be held extra close.


The Dainty Dolls House said...

I agree, my girls have been near me all weekend, it's broke my heart, these tiny children taken away too soon. We must remember them and make sure each day is lived. xx

Becca said...

I wrote about this today, too. I held my family very close this weekend. Loss and joy are just not guaranteed in this life.

k said...

i couldn't believe that story, it's so difficult to process and think about :(