A Grilled Cheese Sammy

"Grilled Cheesus"
Oil on Wood
It's raining out today and one of my favorite things on a cold and rainy day is a warm, gooey, grilled cheese sandwich.  The Grilled Cheese Grill is one of my favorite places to stop in, they have a old school bus that you can eat your sammy.  They have lots of different types of grilled cheeses but the ultimate is the "Grilled Cheesus"- I have been a little afraid to try it but it's a double decker grilled cheese with a burger in the middle.  My favorite one is the "preschooler" with pickles- which is a grilled cheese with out the crust!

How do you take your grilled cheese?


Kyla said...

Mmm, I agree! Grilled cheeses are one of my favorite comfort foods :) The Grilled Cheese Grill sounds like so much fun. And a grilled cheese with pickles? I've never had that but I need to try it!

The Dainty Dolls House said...

I never liked grilled cheese growing up, I detested them, the smell alone was enough to put me off. But, as I'm older, I quite like them, but I just use different cheese to what my mom used in them as a child. Sounds like a great place :)) x

Outcast said...

These sounds pretty delicious, I never knew about the meat inside the grilled cheese sammys either, sounds pretty awesome to me!

Outcast said...

Oh yeah and the art is amazing Erika! As usual!

trishie said...

During my first trimester I craved grilled cheese toasties a lot! So yum.

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh, grilled cheeses are my fav! i like a nice cheddar blend ;)

Tatyana Vogt said...

That painting is absolutely beautiful!
And I personally like many different grilled cheese, but I favor the simple kinds with some nice seasoning on the bread and a bowl of tomato soup to dip it in.

avo (www.avoslife.com)