A Tiny Bee: Achieve

I am an extremely goal oriented person and I always feel like I am always trying to achieve those goals. I think something I am looking towards achieving is focusing even more on my drawing and composition before I start to paint.  I think sometimes I just rush into the painting process because I love it so much and skip all of the prepping to painting.  I have been thinking about giving myself a drawing challenge because then I know it's something that I will have to stick with and if I make it a goal it's something that I would like to achieve.  Here is one of my little drawing from my sketchbook of Mr. Fox.

Next week's assignment is "Feathery."  How ever you want to interpret it :) 

Feel free to check out and link up with 12 Oz Bee House


Outcast said...

I love the link up idea Erika, this drawing is awesome!

Kristin said...

this is one happy little fox.

OrangeMew said...

Love the little sketch, especially the blending - I can see why playing with the paint is more fun than the sketching as it really breathes it into life with color!