Here are more paintings for the upcoming show 88 Strong and I have to say one of my latest painting addictions is painting portraits.  One of the theme for the show is Busted- and Busted is a newspaper (and it's online too!) of mugshots.  Since mugshots are public record, they are available for anyone to view.  I have never been arrested- the closest I have ever come to a run in with the cops is getting a speeding ticket when I was 21. I know I lead a pretty wild and crazy life!  I think what I find the most interesting is this little moment in time that someone who gotten caught for something- guilty or innocent.. a moment you are caught and are in trouble.  Looking through the photos I mostly saw guilty faces, the occasional smirk and some in a haze.   I picked busted pictures from Portland which makes me wonder if I will ever see these in real life faces.  I am particularly drawn to painting these faces since I am not much of a trouble maker.. maybe at times a naughty influence but not much of getting into any real trouble.

Happy Monday! 

About the Show:
Location: The Goodfoot
     2845 SE Stark Street, Portland, OR
Dates: Opening is Sept 26th and runs until October 22nd.
Details: 88 artists that make 8 works and can choose from any of the 88 themes.  Every 8X8 painting is $50 and comes framed.  The show is a cash and carry show which means you pay and walk out with the painting that same night. 


rooth said...

Oh I do like these... and it would be kinda creepy to bump into them in real life? Like your paintings made them into real people

Alli said...

These are so amazing, what a interesting concept. I love the blue around the eyes, it really draws you in.

Thanks for sharing.

Erin said...

That's a really neat theme to play with! I love your paintings, I would never think those people in them were actually law breakers! You made them look classy and human, without being exploitative the way mug shots can be. Very excited for you for this show! xo

mona said...

These are so good! I wonder what they were arrested for, probably something more than speeding tickets. Which I also got when I was in my 20s. Such rebels we are.

red-handed said...

nice -- good soft colour

Outcast said...

These portraits are amazing Erika, I truly love and adore them, you're so incredibly talented and this is just amazing!

Mandy Crandell said...

Very cool!