A Tiny Bee Project #8- Wave

I am drawn to the ocean- the sound of the ocean waves, the birds skimming the water and walking in the wake. Going to the coast is one of the most relaxing places especially when your toes are buried in the sand and if it's a warm day with the sun warming the sand.  My parents live out on the coast and we visit them quite often.  It's one of the best escapes.  The dunes that lead up to the ocean swirl up toward the sand and it fells like your walking the path in a Robert Frost poem- it is that beautiful and romantic. My dogs get so excited to clammer up the path to the ocean getting more and more excited to run their feet in the soft wet sand.  I did a drawing of the beach by my parents house with high weedy dunes and there are lots of critters hidden all over the place.  I think I have seen everything from black bears, deer, and the biggest blue birds I have ever seen in my life- in fact they are so big you take a handful of peanuts and put it out and they swallow peanuts in the shell whole.  Talking about it makes me miss it out there- something about the serenity out there.

What are you up today? 
Next weeks assignment is "Flicker". :) How ever you want to interpret it.
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Catita said...

it's nice to see others paintings as I used to paint for a short period and suddenly moved continents and sadly stopped but I still would like to do it again, your painting is beautiful!

Outcast said...

So brilliant Erika, you seem to never ever let us down with your stuff, just incredible.

Christine D. | The Plumed Nest said...

i love the oregon coast in a nostalgic way. i certainly have great deal of affection for it in the ways of the history and the life of a fisherman and the american indian history and simply how beautiful it is. in all those ways i just love it. in other ways it's just too cold and windy for me. i am more of a winter oregon beach goer i guess. when what you want is that stormy and moody perfect storm type weather.

Rowena @ rolala loves said...

What a lovely painting and so is the way you describe the ocean.

Rowena @ rolala loves