Big 400 #4 The Palms

I know what your thinking.. no not the Palms in Vegas but this is the The Palms in Portland, Oregon. :) This motor hotel is a cheappie place out on the east side of town and I have always loved its sign. There is a little glowing monkey that is climbing up the palm tree and the arrow lights are just plain awesome because of the way they glitter. I still have 6 more little paintings to go for the Big 400 show and still feel like I have a long way to go.  I always start out painting like I can totally make all 10 of these and it's going to go by so quick and then when I hit the middle I feel like I'm not painting or working fast enough and I will never be able to make the deadlines. I know I can do it! but who needs sleep? especially when I am chasing around a 15 month old during the day.

The weather has been pretty incredible the last few days and Nora has insisted going on her daily nature hike down the street. We found a caterpillar the other day and she was so tickled pink.

What are you up to today?

Oil Painting on 8X8 wood board.
Want to see previous work for this show? Big400/Big 300/Big 200/Big 100

Date: December 14th- 2 p.m. and runs until January 21st.
Location:  Peoples Art of Portland Gallery
700 SW Fifth (3rd floor) People's is Suite 4005, Portland, Oregon
There are over 400 artists participating in the 6th Annual Big 400 Show and all art is $50.  It is a cash a carry show- which means you purchase the painting right then and there and you go home with the work.!


Sian said...

Love this painting, Damn it I love all of them! What am I up to, not much its a raining day, little things, cleaning, drinking tea, reading blogs, actually its rather nice :)

Outcast said...

Such a good take on this Erika, stellar job here!

Lauren said...

I've never been to Portland (someday, someday!), but from descriptions from you and Christine this sounds totally incongruous to me! That's what I'd like about it. Very Vegas. Not Portland. :)

Keep chugging, girl. You're the little engine that could! (And those nature walks are necessary for you too, you know!)

Mandy Crandell said...

Love this so much!!!!

To The River said...

I guess I am the only one who is not thinking anything, for someone who is not from USA there is no difference between those two Palms;-) Still, beautiful painting!

Jane said...

love the colors in this painting! the blues are inviting

k said...

that sounds like a cool show! i know what you mean about chasing a toddler around, whoa!

Unknown said...

oh, the palms. i have always loved that sign, too bad it was always such a seedy hotel - at least when i was a kid. is it still in the same place over in north portland? i haven't been in that area forever! is the alibi still over there too? that is another amazing sign!

it might go without saying but i love this painting

Jessica (Coco/Mingo) said...

This is so beautiful!! You are so talented, Erika!!